Tree Tracker

Our new Tree Tracker registration platform is where users can log their trees and track
their lifetime ecological metrics and monetary values.

Tree Tracker Overview

As the Dallas / Fort Worth region continues to grow, the need for robust up to date tree canopy information is essential to combat air and water quality issues, an increasing Urban Heat Island, and to ensure a balance between our “grey” and our “green” infrastructure.

The Texas Trees Foundation’s Tree Tracker provides two essential functions:

  1. An Urban Tree Canopy Assessment (UTC) measuring the percent tree canopy cover in our cities in relation to other ground covers such concrete, building, and grass.
  2. An easy-to-use public inventorying website (platform) that enables individuals, organizations, and governments to search and contribute to a collaborative, interactive, and dynamic map of our community’s tree population.

Trees have many proven environmental, economic, and aesthetic benefits and the Tree Tracker will be used to drive people to a central location, while covering a broad geographic region, to track where trees are being planted allowing us to monitor canopy growth throughout the region.

Additional Tree Tracker Information

Community Engagement

The Tree Tracker will be used to build community relationships around trees through public tree plantings, educational outreach, and neighborhood initiatives.  As people add trees, leave comments, and upload photos we will be able to connect people from all over DFW through tree planting.  Essentially we will be connecting people with people through tree planting!

Public Contribution

Members of the public can add trees to the Tracker weather they were planted 10 years ago or that afternoon.  Customizable public access and input fields will allow users to search for trees based on species, location, date planted, and a host of other information while all entrees are tracked and reviewed on an administrative page.  Each tree has its own detailed page displaying its image, ecosystem benefits, and location.

Ecosystem Benefits

Utilizing the iTree software created by the USDA Forest Service the Tree Tracker will automatically calculate the economic benefits and environmental impact each tree has.

What does the Tree Tracker do?

  • Search trees by species, location, and other advanced features
  • Add trees individually or bulk upload datasets of trees
  • Upload tree photos
  • Export tree lists
  • Automatically calculates ecosystem benefits
  • Increased social networking capabilities
  • Ability to use on tables and smart phones
  • Optional App for use on iPhone and Droids

Tree Tracker Instructions

Instructions for the Tree Tracker coming soon!

Value of a Tree?

A tree costs money – but offers many benefits in return over its lifetime. The Tree Tracker Platform helps us determine how much a tree is worth in a variety of ways once it’s entered into our tracking system. Using specific algorithms, we track and measure a tree’s positive effects, like air filtration or flood prevention, and calculate the ecological and financial benefits by means of science.